Canadian Livestock Export


20478092_blogCanada is one of the most famous worldwide exporters of livestock, and is especially known for it’s exemplary Holstein cows. The Holstein Friesians (shortened as Holstein in Europe and as Holstein in Canada) are a breed of cattle that is well known worldwide as the highest-production breed of dairy animal.

Rich Canadian soil is perfect for breeding magnificent specimens of those farm animals and the demanding health standards of the Canadian FDA make this breed a perfect choice for export. Farmers who want to replenish their stock, increase milk production or start a new farm are recommended to export this breed of Canadian livestock for their purposes.

In addition to this breed we export the Black Cow breed (for meat) and frozen cattle sperm and cow egg cells for breeding purposes. Of course, we also arrange export of many other farm animals and products from Canada worldwide, so call us now to inquire about country-specific import regulations, fees and other details!