Export of Firefighting Equipment

firefighting equipment

One of our areas of expertise in exporting Canadian goods is firefighting equipment. Due to the specifics of local legislation, Canadian firefighting gear is tested and held to the highest standards and is considered among the best in the world.

Canadian firefighting gear is made for extreme heat and extreme cold also, since rescue missions undertaken by fire-brigades might involve ice-falls, snow slides and other winter-related dangers. For this reasons and others, Canadian firefighting equipment is exported to other countries. If you are looking to establish an export line of Canadian firefighting tools, then Tocai is your best partner for this. We have sources for the best firefighting tools:

  1. Pumps
  2. Snorkel Cars
  3. Ladders
  4. Personal Gear and Accessories

We export small and large size equipment, and deal with the best vendors, while providing for all necessary paperwork and legal matters. For a seamless, smooth and safe export of Canadian firefighting equipment, choose Tocai.